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Individual forensic Bitcoin analyzes

Because every case is special

The “classic” hack
Hackers use "classic" methods (e.g. malware, viruses, social hacking) to get your access data and thus have access to your Bitcoin wallet.
The wrong investment
The offers for Bitcoin investments on the Internet are almost limitless.
Many of them later turn out to be frauds (such as a Ponzi scheme).
You can find such a Ponzi scheme in our case studies.
The “exit scam”
Companies that initially operate or appear to be serious, suddenly "disappear" along with the assets of their customers.
New e-mails with blackmail attempts appear almost every day. These now go as far as bomb threats.
There is also the real blackmail.
From simple phishing emails to perfectly fake phishing websites (e.g. from crypto exchanges).
Some of the phishing methods are very sophisticated.
And many more
You can find a very sophisticated attempt at fraud in our case studies.
Here a company has faked an alleged hack to get to the assets of its own customers.

All of these scenarios require a different analyze

For this purpose, we create analyze-methods that are precisely tailored to your case.
This applies to the analyze-algorithms used, as well as to the additional investigations such as analyzes of tax data, owner investigations, search for clues on the Internet, etc.

Investigated bitcoins from criminal activity
Identified wallet holders
Scanned Bitcoin addresses
Found wallets

Our Tools for your success

Individual software, perfectly tailored to your case, is programmed for your analyzes.
This is based on a large number of tools developed in-house, as well as open source applications.
Among other things, this includes our own wallet explorer, which assigns individual Bitcoin addresses to wallets and ultimately owners, a self-developed block explorer to scan Bitcoin transactions, 3d animations for transaction processes, of course Bitcoin Core and many other tools.

By using this multitude of applications, we can carry out a perfectly adapted and coordinated analyze for your case. And after completion you will receive a customized an software that meets all requirements for user-friendliness, speed, design and of course forensic precision.

Our core competencies

Find out more about the aspects of our work to which we attach particular importance.

Absolute discretion
Of course, discretion is the top priority of our work!
The results of our analyzes are only given to the respective client.
Highest security standards
All analyzes are carried out "in house" in our own data center.
20 + years of experience
Over 20 years of experience in software development and years of experience in the field of crypto currencies paired with ongoing training and education ensure your success.
More than you expect
Investigations far beyond the blockchain analyzes.
Analyzes of tax data, owner investigations, search for clues on the Internet, etc.
Expect More!

Our Cooperations

In most cases we work in close cooperation with the following customers and clients.

Authorities & Institutions

Cryptocurrency companys

With you

If you are interested in a cooperation with Cryptorensics, we look forward to hearing from you.

If your concern relates to a specific case, we recommend that you visit the How we work page beforehand.

Lawyers & Law firms

Commercial & private investors

A selection of our previous projects

So that you can get an idea of our work, you will find a small selection of our previous analyzes here.

Clear Filters
Insider hack
Insider hack

Analyze of a very complex case

Ponzi scheme
Ponzi scheme

Analyze of a Ponzi scheme disguised as cloud mining