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How we work

Exemplary project flow

Customer / Client

In the left column (marked orange) you can find the step-by-step procedure of the customer / client.


In the middle column (marked in light blue) you can find the steps that are carried out jointly by the customer / client and Cryptorensics.


In the right column (marked in blue) you will find the steps that are carried out by Cryptorensics.
Optional steps are marked in gray.

Up to this point there are no costs for you.

From here on, costs only arise in the contractually defined success case.


First contact and brief description of the incident to be investigated.

First case analyzes

We look at the incident and assess the chances of success, compile a list of the data still required and inform the customer about this.

Data protection / confidentiality (optional)

If we still need data from you that is subject to data protection regulations, we will provide the customer with the necessary documents / contracts.
If a confidentiality agreement is required, we will also provide this to the customer.

Provide data

The customer compiles the data required to carry out the analyzes.

Check data and develop strategy

In cooperation with the customer, the data received are checked and the strategy for the analyzes is planned in the next step.

Create contract

Based on the defined strategy, we create a contract as the basis for the cooperation, in which the goal of the analyzes is very precisely defined. This goal is defined as a success case. Payment for the analyzes by the customer is only due if this success occurs. The costs incurred in the event of success also become part of the contract.

Check contract

The customer checks the created contract and the success case defined therein.

Meeting before signing the contract

The contract, which is now available to both sides, is finally discussed, adjusted if necessary and signed after mutual consent.

Carrying out the analyzes

The previously planned analyzes are carried out by Cryptorensics.
For this purpose, the individual software for the case analyzes is created, the blockchain analyzes are carried out and other necessary research is carried out.

Discussion of the analyzes results

During the analyzes, the results and the next steps are always coordinated in close cooperation with the customer.
After the analyzes has been completed, the results are discussed in detail with the customer.

Creation of the analyzes report

After the analyzes has been completed, Cryptorensics will create a detailed final report and hand it over to the customer.

Handover of the analyzes software

We hand over the individually created software for the case analyzes to the customer, who receives instruction in the operation of the software.
In addition, a manual on how to operate the software is prepared for the customer if required.
The software can be transferred in raw form (data for operation on your own server) or as a completely independently executable image (including operating system) for KVM or VirtualBox. This depends entirely on the wishes of the customer. It is also possible to create a bootable hard drive with the analyzes software.

Final meeting

After the analyzes report and the analyzes software have been handed over, there is a detailed final meeting.
Cryptorensics will of course be happy to help the customer even afterwards.